Indiana Beach

On Saturday, we hooked up with the Lafayette Lawsons, Taylor’s friend Emily, and Aunt Jill (who had the hookups on discount tickets) in Monticello to scope out the fun at Indiana Beach. We hit the Skyride over to the North side where we stowed our stuff in lockers and hit some of the roller coasters back in that area. The super duper tickets included lunch, so we grabbed food before shifting gears to the water park. Daddy and Parks squirreled around in the Lazy River while some of us went and checked out the water slides. Then, Riley and I went off to hit more coasters up and down the boardwalk and left the other folks in the water. We met back up for some snacks and hit a few more things on our walk back out the car while the Lafayette crew was still going strong. Thanks for the fun day!

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Ruthie Banes( friend of Gigi's) | June 12, 2017 at 5:08 pm

Looks like fun had by all love the pics & blog.