We’ve been missing a furry presence in our house for a little while and knew that we were going to get another cat when school was out for the summer. As of last weekend, we had one more week to go, but started gearing up for the new addition and wanted to look at some of the kitties available. We started at the website for the Humane Society in Lafayette and headed up to meet some of the furballs in person. We like Sabre and he was pretty fun, but wasn’t terribly interested in snuggling. Mira didn’t like hanging out with us and we weren’t attached to most of the other kitties. Even though we knew we had a week to go, I was disappointed to leave with an empty carrier. We went over to Petsmart to buy some supplies we knew we would need anyway and, whadda ya know, the Humane Society had a whole section set up with cats they brought over from the shelter. We met a few, but Ripley was the guy that stuck. He was fun, cute, playful, nice…and did I mention cute? Even though he was a stray and others had already lived with people in a house, we decided to take a chance and pull the trigger!

With a carrier full of meows, we started South and to introduce Ripley to his new home. He spent the first day in the locker room, but that was still way bigger than his old spot! After a day, though, it was pretty easy to see that he was a very good boy. No scratching or tearing anything up. Just a bouncy kitty that likes to check out what you’re up to. He likes to curl up on the chair downstairs and the couch in the loft. And, he loves to look out the window and tell the birds that there is a new boss in town!

We’re really liking having Ripley around and learning about him, and are very happy with how well he is fitting in!

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Jojo | May 24, 2017 at 5:17 pm

Cute kitty