12 Years

Age: 12 years
Likes: Reading everything I can get my hands on, watching YouTube on my Chromebook, playing games like Minecraft and Dragonvale on my phone, texting and hanging out with my friends, playing volleyball and swimming, snuggling with my family.
Dislikes: Waking up in the morning, being reminded to do the things I always forget to do (even though I forget to do them), being teased.
Notes: I’m doing great adjusting to my first year of middle school and have a really good group of friends to hang out with. I play sports with some of them, others are in choir or other activities like Little Black Box theater group. We went to Legoland, Universal, and Clearwater Beach for spring break and Washington D.C. for fall break this year. I got my first real, grown up phone with a real phone number and everything this year, so I’m pretty fancy.