5 Years

Age: 5 years
Nicknames: Little Miss, Sassafras Jr., Magil
Likes: I really like learning new things and am really big in to science. The good old Magic School Bus is still a big source of that, but I’m a sponge that soaks up everything from books and school. I like music and dancing, like High School Musical. I get super excited to do activities like crafts or science experiments. I’m still a girly-girl and like fairies, princesses, makeup, jewelry, etc. I like to eat waffles pretty much every morning for breakfast. I love my school and my teacher, Miss Michelle.
Dislikes: Trying new foods, trying on clothes, not getting an after school snack, the dark.
Notes: We’ve had some big adventures this year…we traveled to Florida to Ft. Myers and Disney World, Michigan with Gigi and Poppa, and a family trip to St. Louis. I had my first sleepover when my friend Ellie came to spend the night. I wear size 12 shoes and size 6 clothes. I give lots of love to my baby brother…I like to kiss on him, play with him, and tickle him all the time. My bedtime books are now either chapter books, or books that I’m learning to read for myself. I can swim like a fish in the pool and like to swim without my floaties! I did a great job as a flower girl in TC and Renee’s wedding. I’ve seen shows like Go Diego Go, been to a Pacers game, seen the circus, and have seen the Colts win a Super Bowl.