4 years

Age: 4 years
Height: 42 3/4 inches
Weight: 44 pounds
Nicknames: Big Sister, Banana Brains, Banana Nut Muffin
Likes: I still love movies and TV. My new favorite show is Magic School Bus. I love learning about new things and have started asking a lot of questions about what words mean, how they’re spelled, how things work, and the famous “why?”.
Dislikes: Getting sleepy and then being told that I’m sleepy.
Notes: I can sound out words and spell many of them from memory. I really like word and letter games, like trying to say all the animals we can think of that start with a certain letter. My coloring and projects have improved as I take more time and effort being precise. We moved in to a new house this year…right across the street from our old house. Also, I moved to a new school this year…out of Sonshine and in to Guardian Angel. The main reason was because Sonshine didn’t take little babies. Yup, the biggest news of my year has been the latest addition or our family, a stinky little boy brother! I really love him a lot and have been extremely helpful, loving, and patient.